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Lick your lips

See the locations on Luang Prabang Google Map

Picture by marhas
This watercress soup at L'Eléphant was delicate.


See the locations on Google Map and get the kmz-file for Google Earth.

The Laotian and the French cuisine are converging in Luang Prabang, as The Australien notes. Sweet, sour, bitter and salty are the Lao tastes. Rice is the central thing in Lao cuisine, not the long grain rice, that Viet". It's rolled into small balls and eaten with the hand. The Lao people do not cook with a lot of chili in their food, but they have a vast array of side dishes made of chili, ginger, soy with chili or ginger and sweet and sour dips. Or they eat sweets made of sticky rice. Read more about Lao cuisine.

Some specialities:

Orlam: Beef or chicken casserole with green leafe vegetables, onion, fungus, crisp green beans with a small amount of
chilli, juniper wood and fennel. See picture by flickr.com

Oh phak dak: Fermented fish casserole.

Ua nor mai: Crispy bamboo shoots stuffed with pork
and vegetables with sweet dipping sauce.

Say ua: Pork sausages only made in Luang Prabang.

Geng Phet: Chicken or pork or beef casserole with coconut sauce, Lao basil, eggplant
and crispy green beans.

Larp: Minced fish or chicken or pork
meat salad.

Arisai: 49/3 Sakarine road. Fremch, you get Provençal stew.

Ban Lao: Ban Mano. Lao and Chinese food.

3 Nagas Restaurant:

Arisai Restaurant and Wine Bar: Sakarine Road. The restaurant Mediterranean cuisine, for exasmple couscous with lamb.

Baràvin: 59 Sisavangvong Road.

Boungnasouk Restaurant: With view over the Mekong. Read the review by mmm-yoso.typepad.com.

Boua Savanh Restaurant: Bank Mekhong Rd. Lao and Thai food. On a terrace, overlooking the river.

Blue Lagoon Cafe:. A mix of eastern and western delicacien, Laotian highlights and Swiss classics as well as tender local beef and a large variety of delicious snacks and fresh salad creations.

L'Eléphant: French and Laotian cuisine. Wildboar in the sauce of Luang Prabang chanterelles, watercress soup, roasted duck breast in the sauce of roselle, crème brûlée with coconut and pan fried bananas are some of the elements of the menu.

Lao Ethnic Café and Dining Son phao: With musicians and dancers ar dinner shows. See pictures by patrickmccoy.typepad.com

Le Patio Café: In "Traditional Arts and Ethnology Museum" in an old French colonial villa on top of a hill near the town center. You get food of the ethnic minorities Akha, Hmong. Khmu and Tai Lue as well as French sandwichies. "Authentic, simple and tasty", notes Nicole Long.

L'Etranger Books and Tea: Many kinds of tea and smoothies and a library with books. Tourists can rent them, for people from Luang Prabang it's free. And they show films in the night.

Picture by Kleinmatt66

JoMa Bakery Café: Fa Ngum Road. Organic Lao Arabica Coffee. Besides a wide selection of breads and pastries You get sandwiches, salads and soups.

Lao Vegetarian:

Malee Restaurant: Manomai Road. You do your own barbeque of fish and fresh vegetables. Read review and see pictures by Eating in Translation.

Pak Huoy Mixay: 47/5 Ban Vatnong, Thanon Savang Vatthana.Fresh fish from the Mekong, Lao specialities, barbecue.

Saffron Caffè: High in the mountain plateaus surrounding the city of Luang Prabang, Hmong, Yao and Khmu hilltribes produce a rare specialty highland Arabica coffee. Cool air at the high elevations and rich forest soil combine with the distinctive care make these mountain estates an exceptional coffee growing region. Saffron Caffè is as restaurant as well as a project to get hilltribes away from opium plantation by planting and distributing coffee. Read more in the blog of Saffron Caffe

Samsara Restaurant and Gallery: With open-air roof terrace.

Somchan Restaurant: Suvannabanlang road. Enjoy sour fish lab, described by Eating in Translation. Or take a duck soup. Or enjoy a salad with watercress as mmm-yoso did.

Picture by mmm-yoso

Tamnak Lao: Authentic Lao food. They have cooking classes too.

See another picture and a review by Umdiewelt.de

Tamarind: Opposite Wat Nong. Real Lao food on a french colonial terrace. Run by Melburnian Caroline Gaylard and her Laotian partner Joy Ngeuamboupha. Lao style fish barbecue on friday nights. From their shop you can take home Lao cookbooks, sticky rice, sweet chilly paste, dried fruits or seeds. The restaurant closes at 6pm.

The Apsara: Luang Prabang buffalo sausages served with fresh ginger, peanuts and garlic; braised fillet of local river fish with a tomato and saffron butter sauce or braised pork belly on roasted pumpkin with aubergine chutney and star anise broth.

The Pizza:

Tum Tum Chong:

Un Petit Nid Biblio Bistro:
Sakarin Road. A 154 years old house has been converted to a café by a Chinese construction method of that era. Read more on kulahaus.blogspot.com

Visoun restaurant: Wisunalat road. Lao and Chinese.

Dinner on Mekong River
Nava Mekong: Dine & Cruise for lunch with visit to Pak Ou Caves, leaving Luang Prabang 10.30 am at Wat Nong's Pier and returning at 2:30 pm. Dinner with sunset on the way to Xieng Men Village and traditional Lao music and performance, returning at 9:00 pm.

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