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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Climb Mount Phousi and have an amazing view

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Hike up from Sisavong Road in the centre more than 328 steps to Mount Phousi and visit Wat Phra That Chomsi, built in 1804 by King Anourathurath. From the terrace below the golod stupa (that) you have a panoramic view of the more than 30 temples in the town with gold-leaved roofs and the hills with dense forest around. Every time when the monks are pounding on their drums, you will feel as you were in meditation. Or watch the sunset over the Mekong River from here! A legend surrounds Mount Phou Si, it’s about a deep pit that led to the centre of the earth. Read, why the drums, gong and cymbals are beaten every three hours at nearby Wat Thum Thao.

South of Mount Phousi: Nam Khan River, newer parts of the town and mountains.

Northeast of Mount Phousi: Old town and Mekong river.

Buddha on Mount Phousi at Wat Chom Si

Go down now on the staircase to Phousi Road. you will come to Wat Tham Phu Si, a small cave temple, and Wat Phra Bat Nua, where you discover a yard long footprint of the Buddha.

Buddha in the cave of Wat Tham Phu Si

Wednesday Buddha

Tuesday Buddha

Friday Buddha

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